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  • Biography: Brian Lee, APR, is the president and founder of Revelation PR, Advertising & Social Media. He has been in the field for more than a decade, previously serving as the communications director at another agency. In addition, Brian worked in sports PR for five years, including three years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Beyond athletics, he has worked at the Wisconsin State Journal, UW Health and Wisconsin Public Television. InBusiness Magazine named Brian to its "40 Under 40" list in 2012. Brian, who earned his Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) in 2011, owns the distinct privilege of serving as president of both the PR group (Public Relations Society of America) and advertising group (Ad 2 Madison) in town. He also was president of the governing board for WSUM-FM and treasurer of the national executive board for Ad 2. Outside of Revelation, Brian is a part-time lecturer on social media at Madison College. He also runs EatDrinkMadison.com, a Madison, Wis., restaurant and bar guide that is searchable by amenities. Brian graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in journalism and major in strategic communications.

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The generational bridge

on September 1, 2017 in Personal Note

bridgeThere doesn’t seem to be universal consensus on what exact years define each generation, as explained in this Wikipedia article, so for sake of argument, I’ll use 1980 as the cut off for Generation X and Millennials. Since I was born in 1980, that means I’m the youngest of one generation and the oldest of the next.

That describes me in a way, as I have friends that span about a 12-year age radius, and I do identify with both generations, each to a certain extent. From Generation X, I was a latchkey kid but didn’t believe authority figures shouldn’t be trusted. From Millennials, I am optimistic about the future, but I don’t believe everyone should get a trophy.

In both my personal and professional lives, I’m doing my best to fit into each group as well as bridge the gap between the two. Whereas someone who is 25 and someone who is 50 may not “get” each other, I feel I have enough common ground with both.

Let’s look at phone usage. I know many Gen Xers that would prefer a phone call instead of a text message, and I’m happy to oblige. At the same time, to reach a Millennial, I usually will only send texts. How often do the two generations have trouble communicating with each other because both sides are unwilling to change?

From a marketing perspective, seeing through the eyes of your target audience, and not what you think they see, is important. This is the essence of Schramm’s Communications Model, which explains that senders and receivers of messages each operate in their own respective frames of reference.

And of course, this applies to Baby Boomers and Gen Zers, too.

Now that I’ve gotten this off my chest, I think I’ll go watch reruns of “Seinfeld” on my tablet.


‘I’m too busy’

on August 2, 2017 in Doing business

When someone makes the excuse that they are “too busy” or “didn’t have the time” to get something done, it really means that they didn’t put any or enough importance on the task. Think about it: you always will find the time to do something on which you’ve placed value. For example, it could be […]


It doesn’t matter what United does, part 2

on July 27, 2017 in Public relations

As predicted, United Airlines came out of its fiasco from a few months ago essentially unscathed. I had asserted previously that it didn’t matter what United Airlines did to restore its image, because consumers are faced with few choices when flying. An article in today’s New York Times titled “The Boycott That Wasn’t” revealed that […]

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