Keep phrases simple

Posted by Brian Lee on October 4, 2013 in Writing

On Sept. 18, when two potentially armed suspects were on the loose in downtown Madison, campus police issued a warning to students and faculty to “shelter in place.” On Oct. 3, when a woman led police and Secret Service in a car chase around the U.S. Capitol, authorities warned people in buildings nearby to “shelter […]


Poor editing skills by Reuters

Posted by Brian Lee on September 16, 2013 in Writing

I was appalled when I read a mistake-filled Reuters article that was written by Gerry Shih and Alexei Oreskovic, and edited by Jonathan Weber and Ken Wills. That’s at least four sets of eyes on this article on Twitter, yet we still have these errors: The company is now on the verge of fulfilling the […]



Food blogging

Posted by Brian Lee on September 13, 2012 in Media, Personal Note, Writing

In addition to heading Revelation, I also run a dining guide called EatDrinkMadison.com. Today, the local daily newspaper ran a long feature story on the prevalence of food bloggers in town–yours truly included–called “Eat Drink Blog” (I’m hoping that my guide’s name influenced the title of the article). What’s not printed here that I discussed […]

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Heard of spell check?

Posted by Whitney Trotta on May 18, 2012 in Writing

Spelling and grammatical errors- there is nothing less professional when it comes to emails sent to a client (well, unless you drop the f-bomb, which is never a good idea!). Intra-office communication generally has a more casual tone then emails sent to clients, but sometimes it can go too far. I’ve made some pretty embarrassing […]

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Who cares about Asian carp?

Posted by Brian Lee on August 16, 2011 in Media, Writing

I’m really sick of the recurring stories about Asian carp. Reporters and editors preach so much about publishing stories that matter to/affect their readers, but the Asian carp is not one of them. If it did, reporters would explain why higher in the story. Take this story from The Capital Times, titled “Fears become reality […]



AP Stylebook updates

Posted by Brian Lee on March 22, 2011 in Writing

I’m getting fed up with the AP Stylebook. I thought it was dumb to write “Web site,” but I did it anyway, feeling like I was in the minority. In fact, publications such as Time and Sports Illustrated used “website” instead. Then the folks behind the AP Stylebook finally relented in 2010 and changed it […]


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