Media accuracy

Posted by Brian Lee on January 4, 2018 in Media

Before reporters tweet, they need to double-check for accuracy, just like they would before publishing an article or going on air. After the Badgers basketball team won on Tuesday, they improved to 2-1, not 1-0, in the Big Ten Conference: What makes this tweet worse is the media outlet retweeted its reporter, so that’s another […]


Don’t be different in radio

Posted by Brian Lee on July 13, 2017 in Media

I find it interesting how radio stations seemingly change formats frequently (compared to other forms of media). Looking at my car’s presets, I realize I have some redundancy. Here’s how this happened in Madison, Wis.: In 2012, Entercom-owned 105.1 FM (WMHX) changed from playing everything (in the Jack FM mold) to a mix of Top […]



Salt on the wound

Posted by Brian Lee on July 28, 2015 in Media

Like many public relations practitioners, I’m frustrated by people in an organization who leak information (confidential or otherwise). However, journalists’ lack of computer security makes leaks even worse. According to a ScienceDaily article, journalists aren’t doing enough to safeguard the info they obtain: “Despite heightened awareness of surveillance tactics and privacy breaches, existing computer security […]

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