Using Facebook for Energy and Utility Project Siting

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Facebook’s popularity, along with its ability to combine photos, videos and commentary, makes it a requisite social media tool for any energy and utility project, especially those that require public involvement.

Why Use Facebook for Energy and Utility Project Siting

Let’s start by explaining that Facebook is best used for customer retention, not customer acquisition, meaning that visitors or fans of your page are likely to already be familiar with your project.

Customer retention can consist of up-selling, re-selling, loyalty marketing, referrals and customer service. The last two items on that list are what you should focus on.

How to Use Facebook for Energy and Utility Project Siting

Referrals: Don’t take this literally. In this case, we want the target audience, especially those who are proponents and neutral, to propagate key messages, events and other important (and accurate) information. More specifically, we want the audience to either use Facebook’s share tool to pass along our key messages to their connections, and/or we want them to spread the information they read on our Facebook page by other means, such as verbally.

Customer Service: Facebook is your opportunity to respond to any questions or concerns in a public manner. This is a good strategy for demonstrating your transparency and caring for what the public is thinking about. In addition, use Facebook as another means of public involvement and engagement. For example, you can solicit feedback, take informal polls and have the public rank what’s important to them.

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