Using SlideShare for Energy and Utility Project Siting

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With more than 60 million monthly visitors, SlideShare is the world’s largest network for sharing presentations. Users may upload their presentations in formats including PowerPoint, Keynote, Open Office, PDF and video. As a result, SlideShare is a key social media tool for educating target audiences during a public involvement campaign for your energy or utility project.

Why Use SlideShare for Energy and Utility Project Siting

SlideShare takes your uploaded presentation and formats it for web-based viewing. All the text becomes searchable in search engines such as Google, so people searching for information on your project may stumble upon your presentation.

It’s important to educate your stakeholders and churn out as much information as possible to stem the tide of misinformation that typically circulates from opponents.

How to Use SlideShare for Energy and Utility Project Siting

What information, displays or presentations would you normally provide during a town hall meeting or open house event? Anything from diagrams, inforgraphics, maps, fact sheets, videos and more can and should be converted to a SlideShare presentation.

From there, make sure to distribute the SlideShare presentations to your website, blog, Facebook page, etc. to get more mileage out of them. SlideShare also provides analytics so you can see how many times your presentation was viewed and downloaded and where traffic came from.

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