Using Twitter for Energy and Utility Project Siting

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Twitter is a microblog, allowing you 140 characters at a time to share your thoughts and spread your messages. It’s a required social media platform for any B2C company.

Why Use Twitter for Energy and Utility Project Siting

Twitter can be considered the mouth and ears of a company. The mouth portion will help you generate awareness of your project, especially to audiences (e.g. residents and businesses) who are located in the project area or corridor.

Meanwhile, the ears portion allows you to monitor conversations to determine trends, sentiments and the issues most pertinent to your audiences, all of which are important in public outreach.

How to Use Twitter for Energy and Utility Project Siting

Begin by creating an account for the project, then follow (connect with) relevant accounts to build your audience’s awareness of your project–this occurs each time you follow someone, as they will receive a notification that you are following them. As the number of people following you increases, make sure to provide good content and updates daily.

You also should perform regularly keyword and hashtag searches to monitor conversations and clear up any misinformation. Since people can send you messages, be prepared to answer questions as well.

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