Five Things to Include in Your Health Tech Investor Update Letter

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typingRegardless if you have one investor or 12, or you’re in your angel round or Series B, you need to keep your investors updated regularly. But how do you write an investor letter? Should it be short or long? Do you keep it high level or go into details?

The key is to cover the five points listed below to the extent that your investors will feel apprised and can read through the update in less than 5 min. (approximately 1,000 words). Use an email marketing program like MailChimp to save some formatting effort, and send your updates monthly to quarterly, depending on the preferences of your investors.

1. Progress and milestones

Describe your progress toward short-term and long-term goals. For example, how close are you to acquiring five new IDNs and $20,000 monthly recurring revenue? What milestones have you reached or exceeded en route to achieving your vision of becoming the leader in your healthcare sector? You also should list what milestones you missed and what course corrections you plan to make.

2. Financial health

Start this section with your top-line revenue information. From there, include your cash position, burn rate and runway. Depending on your financial health, you may be hinting or asking investors for follow-on funding.

3. Pivots or change of plans

If you’re still following your trajectory, just say so and be done with this section. Otherwise, you’ll need to let investors know of course changes. Don’t worry, they know that businesses evolve. In the world of health tech, new federal laws and guidelines continue to force providers, payers and vendors to pivot. Describe what new opportunities you’ve discovered, why you’re targeting different customers or how you’re tweaking your product or service.

4. Potential opportunities

Here’s where you’ll talk about your pipeline and leads, no matter where they are in the sales funnel. You want to show what potential revenue may be coming in, while also showing that you’re focused enough not to be chasing bad leads. As a value-add, your investors may know decision-makers at your target hospitals or clinics and can help you close some deals.

5. Need for advice

You already know that investors often serve on your board of directors or advisors. They are there to provide you guidance, so tap into them. For example, ask for advice on your staffing issues, ask for introductions, ask for help on your operational challenges, etc.


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