Creepiest Facebook App Ever

Posted by Katelyn Youngblood on August 22, 2012 in Social media

Not many people my age agree with me, but there are times when I think social media has gone too far. Case in point: the Facebook app If I Die. This app allows you to record a message to send to your family, loved ones, and most importantly, your Facebook friends. Once your death has […]

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An Instagram worth a thousand words

Posted by Emilie Buckman on February 21, 2012 in Apps, Branding, Media, Social media

Some might assume that the news of Instagram’s Android debut being delayed would disappoint my nerdy, amateur photographer self.  They would be wrong. The social media site and app does seem to fit with my compulsive need to take and share pictures.  And I am excluded from joining because I actively refuse to join the […]

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