Instagram Moves to the Web

Posted by Taylor Kennedy on July 21, 2015 in Social media

We know that Instagram is a mobile app, but the company recently announced it’s bringing searching capabilities to the web. Users will now be able to search for hashtags, profiles and locations on the web using Instagram.com, which is continually looking more and more like the mobile version. According to Instagram, users drove their web […]



Instagram Trumps Twitter’s Numbers

Posted by Taylor Kennedy on December 12, 2014 in Social media

This week, it was reported Instagram now has 300 million monthly active users, bypassing Twitter’s 284 million. Some might find those numbers odd, considering how often the media urges users to tweet instead of sending in a picture. However, personally I find Instagram visually easier to look at and understand. When I log into the […]

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How AEC companies can use social media

Posted by Elise Otten on May 29, 2014 in Social media

Even though architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) companies are primarily B2B, it doesn’t mean they can’t be active on B2C-based social media platforms. A strong social media presence can brand your staff, promote your work and connect with prospective clients. Here are seven social media platforms your company should consider using: 1. Facebook. Instead of […]

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Good-bye, Vine

Posted by Brian Lee on June 24, 2013 in Apps

I’m curious how long Vine will be around now that Instagram has video capabilities? In my opinion, Vine’s major mistake was not developing an Android app when it first launched. It could have really owned the video market on both phones, but by the time Android users could get the app–which only worked with later […]

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A different filter for Instagram

Posted by Emilie Buckman on July 26, 2012 in Apps, Media, Social media

I always have to preface these types of posts with this statement:  my feelings towards social media and technology vary greatly when talking about personal versus business use. It’s fair to say I can be rather dismissive when it comes to the latest and greatest technology, gadgets, and all around high tech offerings.   Not because […]



An Instagram worth a thousand words

Posted by Emilie Buckman on February 21, 2012 in Apps, Branding, Media, Social media

Some might assume that the news of Instagram’s Android debut being delayed would disappoint my nerdy, amateur photographer self.  They would be wrong. The social media site and app does seem to fit with my compulsive need to take and share pictures.  And I am excluded from joining because I actively refuse to join the […]

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