Don Draper’s revelation

Posted by Brian Lee on May 18, 2015 in Marketing, Television

“A new day. New ideas. A new you.” Those words were spoken to Don Draper as he began to meditate during the closing minutes of the series finale of “Mad Men.” From there, he had an a-ha moment–or as we like to say here, a “revelation”–and subsequently created the famous “I’d like to buy the […]



Drinking got me in the Washington Post

Posted by Brian Lee on March 26, 2012 in Personal Note, Television

I had a couple of people over to watch the Season 5 premiere of “Mad Men” last night, and I tweeted photos of some of the cocktails we drank. Guess what? The Washington Post published one and even mentioned my name (with a link to my Twitter account, @CaptBNL). Go to 10:02 p.m. of its […]

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