Bumper to bumper

Posted by Emilie Buckman on April 17, 2012 in Personal Note

With this being an election year, I have to brace myself for the inevitable bombardment of political ads.  Soon every television station, newspaper, billboard, and politically conscious college kid will be telling me who to endorse.  It’s just so tiring. But of all the terrible, mean-spirited messages and images that come with elections, nothing gets […]

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New threat to political ads

Posted by Whitney Trotta on December 30, 2011 in Marketing

Political advertising in Iowa appears to be “politics as usual.” This December, $10 million was spent on television and radio ads in Iowa by Republican candidates and, to a larger extent, Super PACs. $10 million could feed 40 million hungry children! This kind of spending, however, is not new to politics. And there’s nothing new […]


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