Twitter acquires TapCommerce

Posted by Elise Otten on July 3, 2014 in Marketing

Twitter recently announced that it’s acquiring a mobile technology company called TapCommerce. Specializing in mobile retargeting, TapCommerce targets ads based on previous user activity. While this service is certainly not groundbreaking, retargeting isn’t very common among mobile marketing due to the lack of cookies. But through large amounts of data and sophisticated statistical analysis, TapCommerce […]

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Retargeting: Helpful or Annoying to Consumers?

Posted by Natalie Hurley on April 24, 2013 in Marketing

Ever wonder why after visiting a site just once, ads for the site suddenly¬†seem to be showing up on every other site you visit? The answer to your question lies in a marketing strategy called retargeting, which focuses on bringing potential customers back to a site after they have already visited it. A javascript tag […]


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